Teen girl fell 25 feet from ride and caught by crowd

June 25, 2017

A teenage girl fell 25 feet from an amusement park ride in Upstate New York.

Dramatic video shows moment teen falls 25 feet from New York Six Flags ride

In the video, a girl wearing blue shorts and a gray shirt can be seen dangling from a stopped gondola and screaming as several onlookers shout in alarm.

Another person (a relative) is seated inside the two-person gondola, not in danger of falling.

“They’ll catch you! They’ll catch you, honey, go ahead!”

Then the girl plummeted to the ground, hitting a tree branch before being caught by several people below.

The video showed onlookers cheering after the girl was caught and then the girl being carried away, limp.

The girl was a 14-year-old from Greenwood, Del. She was taken hospital and she remains in stable condition with no serious injuries.

A 47-year-old man from Schenectady, N.Y., was also taken to a hospital for a back injury he suffered as he tried to catch the girl.

The full statement from the Warren County Sheriff’s Office is as below:

Warren County Sheriff’s Office Press Release
Incident Number….. : 17-9596
Type of Incident …..: Call for service – Six Flags Amusement Park
Date of Incident ……: June 24, 2017

Overview …………..:
At approximately 8:05 PM on June 24, 2017, the Warren County Sheriff’s Office and emergency medical services were dispatched to the Six Flags Amusement Park after a park guest fell from a ride.

A 14 year old female patron from Greenwood, Delaware riding an attraction called the “Sky Ride” fell approximately 25 feet to the ground from a stationary, two-person car. The victim was in the car with a child relative.

The ride is very slow-moving, gondola-style attraction that spans several hundred feet across the park, and had been brought to a stop by the operator after having received a radio transmission from park staff on the ground that a rider was in distress.

The victim fell from the car striking a tree before landing in a crowd of park guests and employees that had gathered underneath the car in an attempt to catch the victim before she hit the ground.

The victim was treated by park emergency medical personnel prior to ambulance arrival, whereupon the victim was transported to the Glens Falls Hospital.

The victim was later transported via helicopter to the Albany Medical Center where she remains in stable condition with no serious injuries reported.

A 47 year old Schenectady man who was also a guest at the park was transported to Glens Falls Hospital where he was treated and released for a back injury, suffered as he was attempting to catch the falling victim.

Sheriff’s Investigators assisted by park personnel inspected the ride and the car the victim was riding in and found that everything was in proper working order and all safety equipment was intact and operational at the time of the incident.

Queensbury Central Fire, West Glens Falls EMS, and Bay Ridge EMS assisted at the scene.

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