Trump released unedited 60 Minutes interview days before air date

October 22, 2020

10/10/2020, Trump abruptly ended an interview with CBS’s Lesley Stahl that was scheduled to air this Sunday on 60 Minutes. Now Trump released unedited 60 Minutes interview days before air date. It begins with a tense exchange over Stahl’s line of questioning, with Stahl asking the president whether he’s prepared for tough questions and Trump instructing her to “just be fair.” Trump and Lesley Stahl disagreed over the state of the economy prior to the coronavirus pandemic. “We created the greatest economy in the history of our country,” Trump said before Stahl chimed in, “You know that’s not true,” he snaps “That’s totally true…you wouldn’t say that to Biden if he’d had that.”

Trump was also shown saying China is our biggest foreign adversary. “They’re a competitor. They’re a foe in many ways, but they’re an adversary, I think what happened was disgraceful, should never have happened. They should never have allowed this plague to get out of China and go throughout the world,” Trump said.

Trump suggests that Ms. Stahl was not being fair, “You brought up a lot of questions that were inappropriately brought up, right from the beginning,” Mr. Trump said.
“60 Minutes” noted in its tweet that the show “has a history of asking tough questions of presidential candidates during the runup to the election,” and Sunday’s episode will also feature an interview with Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

When Stahl quoted “please like me,” Trump insisted he was only joking. “The way you said that is why people think of you and everyone else as fake news,” the president told her. He then said that he “doubts” polls that show him in a hole with suburban women.

Pressed by Ms. Stahl on how he would handle a scenario in which millions of Americans abruptly lost their health insurance, Mr. Trump said repeatedly that he had “a plan.” Trump also tried to raise issues about Mr. Biden’s son, Hunter, and his business dealings.

“You brought up a lot of subjects that were inappropriately brought up. They were inappropriately brought up, right from the beginning,” he told Stahl just before he abruptly ended the interview. “Your first statement to me, ‘This is going to be tough questions’. Well I don’t mind that but when you set up the interview you didn’t say that. You said, ‘Oh, let’s have a lovely interview.’” Trump doesn’t think Biden gets similarly tough questions from the media. “You would never say that to Biden,” “I wish you would interview Joe Biden like you interview me,” Trump said later in the interview, accusing Stahl of “protecting” Biden. The media would rather ask Biden what kind of ice cream he liked, Trump said, than about unverified allegations against his son Hunter Biden.

When a voice off-camera said they have 5 minutes until Pence joins the interview. That’s when Trump says “I think we have enough.” “Well, I think we have enough. Really, we have enough of an interview,” he says, then tells Stahl he’ll see her later and gets up.
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In a statement, CBS News said: “The White House’s unprecedented decision to disregard their agreement with CBS News and release their footage will not deter 60 MINUTES from providing its full, fair and contextual reporting which presidents have participated in for decades.”

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