Woman attacks Burger King employee because of tomatoes

March 16, 2019


January 27, 2019. Porsha Tyler, 34, entered a Burger King in Livonia Michigan. She demanded a refund for a burger she had bought the night before. She said the burger had tomatoes on it, but she didn’t order it that way.

Tyler was offered a complimentary replacement meal in lieu of a refund. Tyler launched a cookie display at the employee which struck the employee in the arm. The cookie display fell to the floor and shattered. Tyler then threw food at the employee and tossed a wet floor sign at the counter.

Tyler repeatedly tried to climb on the counter, but her fiancé held her back. Tyler and her fiancé left the restaurant after the clerk said they were calling the police. Tyler was arrested by Livonia Police.
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Less than two weeks after the Burger King incident, Tyler was arrested in Warren, MI, after police say she got angry in a Cricket Wireless store because a particular cell phone wasn’t free with a new contract. She allegedly screamed at the clerk, messed up the phone displays and even took a phone from the store.

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