Pressing Your House Key Against A Piece Of Tape Might Just Save Your Life

Ever find yourself in need of a spare key? I know I have been in a few situations, and that’s why this video is so important.

This spare key is so small, you can fit it in your wallet. It’s also important if you have visitors coming to town and you want them to have their own backup set of keys. This is perfect!

1. Hold the primary key over a flame. 2. Once the key has a black layer, place it someplace safe to cool off. 3. Take a piece of tape and lay it onto the key to make a print. 4. Carefully peel the tape off.

5. Remove the lid from a can of food and lay it down on a table. 6. Stick the tape onto the lid. 7. Using a sharp pair of scissors, delicately cut out the key and make it as accurate as you can.

Pretty easy, huh? Dave notes you can use pliers and safety gloves for this easy DIY, and please be cautious not to cut yourself!