8 Steps To A Flawless Face
Zoe Gonasky

August 30, 2017

If you’re looking for a routine way to do your makeup every day, you need to watch this tutorial! This is perfect for anyone who is trying to figure out how they want to do their makeup or someone who is trying to change their own way!

STEP 1: Apply A Face Mask

This step is somewhat optional but this is a very big step in many beauty influencers routine. The mask you use should depend on what your problem areas are. For example, if your skin is always dry, you would want to use a face mask that keeps your skin hydrated and evened out.

STEP 2: Moisturize Your Face

This step is very important because it will keep your skin healthy. It’s essential to keep your skin moisturized because wearing makeup can dry your skin out and that’s something that none of us want.

STEP 3: Prime Your Face

The third step is to apply primer. This will close your pores and hopefully, keep your skin looking nice and glowy all day! Primer is also very nourishing and keeps your skin healthy. Without applying, your foundation could move around because it won’t have anything to stick to.

STEP 4: Apply Foundation

Foundation is an obvious step here! Everyone applies foundation differently. Some people enjoy blending with their fingers, other love beauty blenders or brushes. In this video, a brush is being used to distribute the foundation all over the face. A brush is recommended here because a beauty blender absorbs the makeup a bit.

STEP 5: Apply Concealer

Concealer is important if there are any under eye bags or acne that you may need coverage for. If you’re applying for under eye bags, be sure to use a triangle shape so that it doesn’t look a little strange.

STEP 6: Apply A Powder

Applying a setting powder will allow your makeup to set in one area rather than move around all day. Make sure that you don’t apply too much to your face because it could not only make your skin dry, but it will make it LOOK dry as well.

STEP 7: Use A Pressed Powder On Problem Areas

If you have a breakout going on, we suggest that you apply a powder to that area as well. This will make sure that it’s completely covered!

STEP 8: Apply A Setting Spray

There are a million different sprays out there. You should use a setting spray that’s based on your skin type. If you have oily skin, you won’t want to use a Dewy setting spray because that could completely mess it up!

And we’re done!

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