How To Get The Perfect Eyebrows
Zoe Gonasky

August 31, 2017

Getting the perfect eyebrows isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work, patience, and most of all PRACTICE!

To start off, you’re going to want to groom your eyebrows. You can begin by taking your makeup spoolie and brushing your hairs into the correct direction.

Once you’ve done that, you’re going to take eyebrow shears and start trimming any hairs that may be sticking out or are too long.

Then, you can go in with your tweezers and pluck any hairs that are above and below your eyebrows! Afterward, you can begin the fun part! You’re going to take your desired pomade and start defining your brows.

Be sure that you don’t use too much pressure because you’re trying to create natural looking lines! After you’re done defining, go back through them with your spoolie to get rid of any harsh lines you may have made.

After brushing through, you will take a flat concealer brush and define your brows even more by applying a layer of concealer underneath.

You can then finalize your brows by applying a clear brow gel!

Be sure to check the video below for more details!

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