15 Empowering Things To Say To Someone Struggling With Depression
Helen Rhea

August 7, 2017

There is hope.

— Linda R.

Please, please don’t. You are needed in this life. You may not feel or see it right now but give yourself time and you will.

— Anita D.

I have been there many many times myself. Please talk to me about what you are feeling. I understand. I truly do. I am here.

— Stephen A.

I understand you’re going through a rough time. It has probably messed up your brain chemistry. Things are going to change, they always do. But, let’s get you checked out and make sure you’re getting everything you need. Then, we can work on your problem.

— Shelia H.

Don’t do it. Wait until the morning. It always looks better in the daylight.

— Dan W.

I love you so much. Don’t do it. The world would be darker without you. Don’t stamp your light out now. It’ll get better.

— Anna B.

It’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem and you don’t have to go through it alone.

— Robert J.

Maybe for you, these words may not give you the words of encouragement that you need to hear, but for other’s, it could. I’ve lived with this issue for most of my life and have lost loved ones by their own hands. There are no ‘right words’ or ‘wrong words.’ Just a listening ear and a warm soul to connect with. Someone that realizes that the struggle is real and debilitating.

— Brenda K.

I understand what it feels like to have those same thoughts. I know what it’s like to be suicidal but not wanting to die. You just want the feeling of wanting to die to stop. Despite all of this everything can and will be ok. You can get through this. Seek professional help and I will help you set up a support system of family and friends.

— Nikki H.

t is when you are at your weakest, that you are your totally real, pure, truest self. Completely vulnerable, you have the opportunity to be completely honest, with yourself, and with reality. If you have ended up receptive to the idea of all things ending, then you can be receptive to a new and completely different idea, hope and possibility.

— George H.

I love you. It may seem insurmountable right now but it can be so much better. Hope is everything. Your legacy matters

— Lana L.

It gets so much better than this! So much better! I have been exactly where you are more than once. This pain and this hell on earth will not last forever. I will walk with you through this. I will hold your hand. Just don’t you EVER give up! I came through this and I’m going to see you through it. You are not alone.

— Candy H.

It’s a bad day, not a bad life. You will get through this. I’m here to help you do just that. I love you.

— Brandi L.

Those feelings are fluid and temporary! You must protect that small deep secret part of you that needs to live. There are people out there that care. Reach out!

— Joanne M.

I, too, have and do fight that same fight. I’m not you and unless you share it, there’s no way I can understand what you’re going through. It’s a hard struggle and it’s different for each of us. But, know this, I do know what it feels like to be all alone in this. I’m human and I mess it up quite often. But, I promise, as best I can, you have my ear, you have my heart, you have my shoulder to lean on and my arms to hold you tight. I’m glad you’re here. And, to me, you’re worth it.

— Jerald H.

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