20 Of The Deepest Six Word Stories That Will Make You Feel Less Alone
Helen Rhea

June 30, 2017

“Would anything change if you knew?”

“If it’s a game, I forfeit.”

“You gave me the shortest forever.”

“Daydreams, sleepless nights, all about you.”

“No message is also a message.”

“I keep saving everyone except myself.”

“Why wasn’t I enough for you?”

“I was made for LOVING you.”

“I’m tired but never of you.”

“You can’t break what’s already broken.”

“He felt nothing, I felt everything.”

“I was ready, but you weren’t.”

“Once upon a time, you cared.”

“If you miss me, show me.”

“How do I live without you?”

“One by one, people started leaving.”

“I was fine, until I loved.”

“I love you, you love her.”

“You fixed yourself, and broke me.”

“Pain, it demands to be felt.”

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