Super Troopers 2 Is Officially Complete And ‘I’m Freaking Out Man’

Fox Searchlight

Stay calm, people, but Super Troopers 2 is now officially finished, finally, 16 years after the original. Kevin Heffernan posted an update on Broken Lizard’s website, saying that the final steps in ‘bringing the baby to life’ have been completed.

“We’ve officially finished the editing/post-production process. Huzzah,” he wrote, informing the record-breaking $4.4 million (£3.3m) worth of fans who helped fund the project. “This past week we completed the Sound Mix and Color Correction, the final steps in bringing this baby to life. We’re very excited.”

He went on to explain that there is yet to be a date set for when people can watch it, but that the end product has been sent to Fox Searchlight for analysis.

He added: “We’ve posted about how we’ve been doing test screenings already and some folks were confused how we do that if the film was not technically ‘done’. The reality is that those screenings are done with an unfinished product: temp sound and music stuffed in and a low res picture.

“It’s important to do those screenings before everything is locked in, so we can see what works and what doesn’t, what jokes play and what jokes suck and then make adjustments accordingly. But at some point you have to stop that process and lock everything in. The sound mix and the color correction mark the end of that process. Both are exciting, not just because they are the final steps, but because they vastly improve the film.

Broken Lizard/Kevin Heffernan

“With the picture and sound done, we marry the two together and boom…. final product. We’ve been in post for the last eight months, always looking at an unfinished product. Now we get to watch the film in all its glory…. and that is an amazing feeling.

“Next step: we await our release date. Fox Searchlight has reviewed the finished product and will soon inform us of the plan. When we have the release date you will be the first to know.

“That’s when trailers, posters and all the promo materials will launch. It’s painful to wait for this process because we’re dying to share this film with you, but each step takes us closer. Again, we could not have done this without you and we thank you for all of your help.

It’s okay, go and get excited, just don’t find out what the snozberries taste like.