Thalassophobia Is A Fear You Probably Have Without Even Knowing It

Did you ever hear of a phobia called Thalassophobia? We bet that you didn’t! But, we also bet that you have this phobia without even realizing it.

Let’s test you whether you have this phobia or not?

Deep Water Panic

Twin Rivers Vineyard Church

Would you lose your mind if you couldn’t feel the ground beneath you while in water?

Creatures from the Ocean Depths

The Inquisitr

Do you sometimes find yourself thinking about that some ocean creature could attach their teeth on your leg while swimming in the ocean?

How About Those Giant Ocean Creatures That Might Get You?

Daily News Dig

Do You Fear that You Could Drown in an Underwater Hole?

Aunty Acid

Are Shipwrecks Just too Much for You?

The Globe Wanderers

If you felt anxiety while reading this text and viewing these photos, then you most probably have Thalassophobia.

Thalassophobia is basically an irrational fear of deep waters, large bodies of water such as seas and oceans, and an irrational fear of sea travel.

The condition can easily be treated with medications or psychotherapy.