The Best Car Products That Money Can Buy

On average, we spend about 101 minutes in the car each day. That means that in an average lifetime, we spend about 38,000 hours in our cars! Some people love driving and some people hate driving, but for most people driving is just a routine part of life.

That said, there are a few things we can easily add to our cars to make owning or driving a car much easier and more convenient.

1. Car Cup Holder Organizer

One of the most annoying things about driving a car is not having enough space for your favorite drinks. While most cars come with cup holders, some just can’t fit your daily 64-ounce gas station soda or your favorite reusable water bottle. Or, even if your cup holders can hold any and every drink, there aren’t enough holders for every passenger’s beverage. Enter: the Car Cup Holder Organizer.

This organizer slides in between your front seat and center console. It offers two additional cup holders and an extra storage slot for your phone, sunglasses, headphones, and more. The cup holders fit extra large cups and can even easily be removed when you’re done!

2. Sticky Dash Pad

Going hands-free has never been easier! This Sticky Dash Pad sticks right onto your dashboard. Just stick it to your dash and then stick your phone to the pad for easy access and visibility.

It’s perfect for viewing directions, navigating, or playing music. It can also hold other driving essentials, such as sunglasses or even loose change. The Sticky Dash Pad easily peels off when you’re done with it and leaves no residue.

3. Car Storage Bag Box

If there’s one thing driver’s hate, it’s dropping valuable items into the area of doom . . . A.K.A. the crack between your front seat and the center console. The Car Storage Bag Box easily slides right into that slot to prevent anything from falling down into it.

The thin box provides ample and convenient storage for your phone, wallet, headphones, loose change, and more! It’s definitely a necessity for any car.

4. Car Wash Glove

No one likes a dirty car, but it’s not always entirely feasible to get your car washed and detailed every week. This Car Wash Glove is a simple and handy solution to keeping your car spotless.

The Car Wash Glove fits comfortably over your hand to make washing your car super easy. The sponge is covered in thick microfiber bristles to give your car a deep clean without scratching, smearing, or damaging the paint. You can use the sponge glove on the body, windows, and even the rims to get your car looking fresh!