The Secrets To Criss Angel’s Magic Tricks Finally Revealed

Criss Angel has amazed us with his stunning illusions for years. This guy can do everything, from walking on water to levitating. But, what are the secrets to some of his most famous illusions?


Remember the time when Angel walked on water? That was actually one of his most famous tricks, but what’s the secret to that trick?

Well, he technically isn’t walking on water, but he’s walking on plexiglass tables!

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His another famous illusion was when he levitated between the buildings. How did he do that when no strings that could have helped him were visible?


The secret to his levitation in a solid chain that is tied around his neck before he performs his levitation illusion. Criss finds several volunteers to hold the both sides of the chain prior to his famous levitation trick.

He disappeared into the thin air several times. How he did that?


He pulled off that vanishing trick with the help of mirrors. All he needs to do to perform the trick is to jump off and hide behind a mirror.


Criss’ audience always seems to be shocked with his stunts. But the sad truth is all of them are just a bunch of actors.

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Chriss, you’ve been pwned!