This is why dogs follow you into the bathroom. I never knew this!

We all laugh at those memes that declare having a dog means never peeing along, but it’s really true. If you have a dog and go to the bathroom, you can bet that they will be right behind you!

The answer to “Why does my dog go to the bathroom with me,” is simple. Your pup may just feel like a member of your family, which makes them feel like they need to be with you. They may feel alone and vulnerable when you’re gone.

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Dogs are naturally curious so when you leave them to take your potty break, they may think you’re being strange. Your dog probably feels like your bathroom must be patrolled and secured, since it’s within the boundary of your home, which is your territory. Patrolling is a cooperative task, why WOULDN’T you want your dog there for back-up?

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If you’re getting bothered by your pup wanting to follow you, just give them a distraction for while you’re in there. Enrichment toys are recommended for this purpose since they take some time for your dog to figure it out. You can find a special toy or item that will entertain them for a period of time, so they aren’t bothering you while you’re in the bathroom!