This Man Made A Big Mistake By Sticking His Finger Into This Strange Hole!

Most humans have the good sense not to go sticking their fingers in strange places. But the Internet isn’t exactly a stronghold of common sense. One imgur user recently discovered a strange, dark, and web-laden tunnel into the earth in his backyard.

He posted a picture of the hole, which was about an inch across, and said that if he got sufficient votes, he would stick his finger inside. Naturally, everyone voted in favor, and he was left with no choice but to make good on his vow.

This turned out to be a pretty bad idea. He posted a photo of the hole, saying that he would stick his finger inside if he got enough votes.

Soon, everyone voted for him to put his finger inside. So he had a swig of bourbon and stuck his finger inside.

Now, a burrow like that probably belongs to a funnel spider, and they’re just as spooky as they sound.

While not all funnel spiders are poisonous, the ones that are, are rated among the deadliest spiders on Earth. Their powerful venom contains a chemical called robustoxin, which can cause severe pain and eventually circulatory failure.

They dig burrows in the ground or in dark cracks and line them with webbing to trap unsuspecting prey, which they then finish off with their large fangs.

While they do not aggressively go after humans, they won’t hesitate to sink those fangs into an intruder if they feel their burrow is in danger.

And that is precisely why sticking your finger in a hole like this is a bad idea. Luckily, the man escaped unscathed, but he may not know just how lucky he was.

Yeesh! I don’t think you could pay me enough to try a stunt like that. Just imagining it makes my skin crawl.