Ventriloquist Gets Annoyed On Show – Keep An Eye On The Dummy After He Storms Off Stage

We’ve all gotten so frustrated with someone, that we had to walk away from them. It’s never a good feeling, so I can only imagine what 44-year-old Paul Zerdin was feeling when he was on live television when he decided to storm off.

Paul was performing on America’s Got Talent and his act was super impressive, he was killing every stage.

Image via Youtube

Things must have changed for him when he reached the quarter finals. At the beginning, it seems that he’s giving the judges another ventriloquist performance with his sidekick, Sam the dummy.

Not only was his performance incredible, but it had a pretty great humorous side to it as well. He stormed off stage after having an argument with Sam, making the judges and the audience pretty confused but there’s not doubt that this man has talent!