Viral coffee ice cream recipe contains just 4 ingredients

A woman called Becca Ludlum from Arizona has just recently shared on her popular cooking blog the simplest ice cream recipe the world has ever seen.

Becca’s simple ice cream recipe contains only four common ingredients. Her recipe achieved worldwide attention and it has been shared for more than 60,000 times.

The best thing about Becca’s ice cream recipe is that you don’t need an ice cream maker to make it.

The base of her ice cream is, believe it or not, bananas.

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Becca’s ice cream doesn’t require you to use dairy products. You only need four non-dairy products to make this ice cream.

My Crazy Good Life by Becca Ludlum

The base of this healthy ice cream is bananas.

My Crazy Good Life by Becca Ludlum

These are the ingredients needed to make this ice cream:

My Crazy Good Life by Becca Ludlum

To make Becca’s ice cream, you will need the following: 3 to 4 sliced bananas, one and a half tsp of vanilla extract, honey or sugar, and one fourth of a cup of espresso.

The simple method:

1. Brew coffee.

2. Let the coffee cool.

3. Add frozen bananas, cooled coffee, and vanilla extract in a food processor. Blend the mix until it becomes creamy and smooth.

4. Put it in a freezer for an hour.

Keep in mind that this recipe is for two people. If you want to prepare this ice cream for more people, use more of each ingredients.

We hope that this simple ice cream recipe will become your number one summer recipe!