Family Realizes Mom Who Puts PVC Pipe On Wall Is Brilliant

Photo credit: 7 Layer Studio Blog

Some people probably thought Shelley Detton was nuts when she wrote about her idea for inexpensive curtain rods on her blog. Turns out, she’s a genius!

Shelley wrote about how she wanted nice looking curtain rods in her newly renovated office, but didn’t want to spend much money on it.

In her blog, 7 Layer Studio, she talked about how she realized that PVC pipes could be just as effective as standard (and expensive) curtain rods are.

Can anyone guess how much she spent for her entire project?

Shelley spent only $20 for the PVC pipes, brackets, finials and the spray paint!

Here are the step-by-step directions on how Shelley created inexpensive curtain rods out of PVC pipes:

Materials: PVC pipe, cheap curtain rod brackets (you can buy them in unfinished pairs at Lowes for a couple bucks each set), spray paint, expandable caulk sealant (the foamy kind that expands and then hardens)

Spray the PVC pipe, couplers, curtain rod brackets and finials the color you would like. Make sure the spray paint is designed for plastic. Use wood spray paint for the finials if they are wood.

Attach couplers to the ends of the PVC pipe (Shelley used 45 angle couplers).

Attach the finials to the ends of the PVC. Spray some expandable caulk sealant into the open end of the PVC, then tape the finials in place on the ends before the foam has a chance to expand/escape/ooze out the end. After it has hardened (about 30 minutes), they should be firmly secure in place.

Attach everything to the wall.
Enjoy your handy work!