Why Highly Intelligent People Are Messy, Stay Up Late, and Love Swearing

The world we live in today has several stereotypes about people who swear a lot. However, the most common stereotype about “rude” people is that they are uneducated ignorants. However, persons who swear might not be as ignorant as you think they are…

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A recent study has shown that people who swear a lot are highly intelligent. Another study also found out that persons who stay up late and are messy are highly intelligent as well.


For centuries, people have believed that those ones with a limited vocabulary are prone to swearing a lot. However, two psychologists at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, Timothy Jay and Kristin Jay, claim that’s incorrect.


The two psychologists found out that those who swear a lot had a wider vocabulary.

“a voluminous taboo lexicon may better be considered an indicator of healthy verbal abilities rather than a cover for their deficiencies”, the psychologists have stated.

Now, let’s talk about night owls. You probably think those night owls are just ordinary people who don’t like to sleep. However, they aren’t ordinary, but they are highly intelligent.

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Another study has found out that night owls were more intelligent than people who go to bed early.

The researchers involved in this study discovered that the study’s participants whose childhood IQ was less than 75 would go to bed at around 23:42. However, people whose childhood IQ was over 125 would go to bed after the midnight.

And yeah, we have some great news for the messy ones. A recent research has found out that people who live in disorganized environments are highly intelligent.


Be proud of yourself if you swear a lot, stay up late, and have a messy office desk!