World’s Largest Anaconda Discovered In The Mysterious Amazon River

The man in the photo below is Gordon Buchanan. He hails from Scotland and is a wildlife photographer. This man has seen all wild animals we can imagine, from lions to crocodiles.


Buchanan hosts BBC’s popular documentary series Tribes, Predators, and Me. In the show, he visits various tribes across the world and spends some time living and learning from them.


One particularly interesting episode in Buchanan’s show was when he traveled to Ecuador to meet up with the indigenous Waorani tribe. This friendly tribe lives along the Amazon River’s banks. Buchanan spent 49 days living with the tribe.


The Waorani people have one odd tradition: they capture anacondas, spend some time with the snakes, and later release them. They believe this gives them courage and strength.

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Buchanan and tribespeople go out in search of giant anacondas. They spot a giant anaconda hiding in the Amazon River.

You can easily conclude from watching the video that the snake the Waorani tribespeople and Buchanan have caught is massive. Not only the anaconda they caught is massive, but it is the largest anaconda that was ever caught! The snake was measured and its length was 17 feet!

We only hope that this snake will forget what Buchanan and the Waorani did to her!

We hope so because anacondas can easily kill a human!

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In the end, we congratulate the Waorani people on their bravery when it comes to catching giant anacondas! You really need courage to do that!