X-Ray Of Woman’s Face Shows Exactly Why You Always Need To Wear Seatbelt

Not much is known about what this patient faced before arriving at the hospital but judging from the photos, it must have been absolutely unbelievable. There are some reports that the person is a female who was involved in a car accident and wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, but that can’t be validated.

Not only is the upper and lower jaw critically damaged, but the skull is also broken and fractured in several places, with a bunch of fragments just floating around. The surgery to correct the face took 8 hours.

An ophthalmologist has posted the scans to medical review site Figure 1, which allows professionals to post patient cases and lets others comment on the diagnosis or inevitable surgery.

The accident allegedly happened two years ago but the images have resurfaced on social networking sites, with many praising the surgical team behind the incredible transformation. According to the ophthalmologist who posted the images, the patient has now recovered.

The official list of injuries includes: “A trauma workup revealed a traumatic brain injury with intracranial hemorrhage, a traumatic eye injury requiring enucleation, and extensive facial fractures,” reports the Metro.

The surgeon wrote on Figure 1: “This CT shows her completed facial reconstruction. Thanks to a dedicated multidisciplinary team, the patient is now ambulatory and recovering well.” Look thoroughly at the ‘after’ picture and you’ll be able to notice all the small pieces that surgeons fitted onto the patient to make their face complete again.

People observing the images on Imgur have commented on just how messed up that reported car accident must have been.

While a person on Reddit said: “I can only imagine how horrific the exterior view was with this much internal damage. The fact they did a CT scan makes me think they thought it might be possible to save him. If that is the case amazing how resilient the human body is to endure this much damage and recover.”

Even if this wasn’t the result of a car accident, it’s not a bad warning to buckle up.

(Images via: Imgur/Figure 1)