You Can Buy An Entire Village in Spain for less than the Price of a Single Home in the U.S

There are thousands of villages in Spain for sale. The price? As little as $80,000. These villages can be found in Galicia, a fertile region of Spain positioned in the Northwest region of the country. Galicia once held Spain’s highest density and half of all Spanish villages. There are 3,500 hamlets located there. Today, about half of them are abandoned.

In 2005, Neil Christie bought the tiny village of Arruñada which borders Asturias and Galicia. What did he pay for it? $53,000. Christie, 61, moved there with his wife. She works as a teacher at a local school while he works on their home.

Christie had to tear down the walls of the home that he has been renovating for over 4 years. He then rebuilt it all with the original stone.

Christie loves his new life. He stated to Daily News, “But apart from when I’m running out of tea bags there’s absolutely ­nothing I miss. The work I did in England could be very stressful. I found it difficult to relax at times. Here I’ve got zero pollution, fresh air and fresh water and I haven’t had to bankrupt myself to get it.”

Other people have worked hard to bring these tiny Spanish villages back to life. They raise livestock and work on restoring the old farm homes. Many people are also working on ways to bring people back to the villages. When jobs are hard to find in the big city, people may move back to concentrate on a homesteading lifestyle.

The mayor of a town near the small village of A Barca is giving away the entire village for free. His requirements? Rebuild all the old and worn-down buildings and employ people from his town. Spain is set to draw people who want to work with and in nature. If you are interested in purchasing a village in Galicia, you can find many homes and villages for sale at Galician Rustic.